Kindergarten 1-5 Years


Ortloff’s adheres to the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) of the Department of Education of South Africa.

We also incorporate Montessori inspired lessons within the CAPS, giving the children a wider variety of learning experience.

Classrooms (1 – 3 year olds)

1 – 2 year old  – 1 Classroom with separate play area, consists of 1 teacher and 1 assistant

2 – 3 year old – 2 Classrooms with a combined play area, consists of 1 teacher each and 1 cleaner between the two classes

Each age group has their own schedule, this schedule includes their eating times, educational activities, free play, potty training and toilet routine as well as nap time.

Subject classes (Gr RRR – Gr RR)

Grade RRR – 3 Classrooms with a combined play area (Grade RR) and various cleaners between the classes

Grade RR – 3 Classrooms with a combined play area (Grade RRR) and various cleaners between the classes

Grade RRR & RR children rotate classes every 30 minutes, as each of the 6 classrooms are equipped as subject classes. In these classes the allocated teacher specifically concentrates on the skills requiring development in these subjects, with this being said we offer the following :

Art Class

This is by far the most exciting classroom of all. In the Art class children are given the opportunity to get their hands dirty, paint their heart’s desire and create their own mater pieces.

  • Gym and Movement Class combined with the Music Class

  • Mostly focused on great motor skills, developing muscles, balancing and keeping our children fit.
  • The music class contributes to the morning scripture reading and worship, new songs are taught and the children gets introduced to different musical instruments.
  • Every year a few children from each class are selected to participate in the Bosveld Music and Bosveld Art Festival, reciting poems and songs
  • Maths class

  • Maths focus on Data handling, measurement, counting, sorting, weighing, pattern creation and much more..
  • The maths class is a disciplined class, also making use of Montessori equipment.
  • Discovery Class

  • Our most colourful and visible class, here children explore the different themes, making different resources visibly available to the children.

  • Reading Class – also making use of an Interactive board (new technology)

  • FUN FUN FUN ! ! ! What’s more fun than reading and story telling. We also have an Interactive Board available to the children, where they follow Letterland (Phonics learning program)

  • Perception and Puzzle Class

  • Mostly focused on Fine Motor Skills, also making use of Montessori equipment.
  • The Perception class usually has different sections in the class, where every section has different stimulating activities.

Rentokil Initial

We make use of Rentokil Initial’s service, who deep cleans all our toilets twice a year. They also supply all our classrooms, kitchens and toilets with soap, paper towels, room spray and bins each month.Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we also installed Alcohol hand sanitizers in the classes and at all entrances for extra security.