Message from the Principal

Message from the Principal

What a wonderful privilege it is to come to school every day and be surrounded with so much joy, laughter and positive energy. Things that can only come from children.

Children are my life and passion, and here at Ortloff’s we are surrounded with love.

We are committed to excellence and a balanced approach, which is achieved through the implementation of the following four pillars:
* Religion
* Academics
* Sports
* Culture

Here the children are given the opportunities to succeed and build a positive self-esteem and approach to learning. Christian principals and moral values are integrated into all aspects of school, from the classroom to the sports field where attributes such as respect, manners and honesty are expected at all times.

We are proud of our dedicated team of teachers who care about the well-being of each child and foster strong family-school relationships. We encourage the support and involvement from our parents as this enriches the Ortloff’s community.

May this stay with us, not just to enrich your child’s life, but also you as a parent, so that you will become part of a family that you can lean on, trust in and rely on.

Lindie Peens Principal and owner



Message from Vice-Principal

After many years in different sections of Education, it is my privilege to assure all parents that your children are in the hands of excellent  and motivated teachers.

Ortloff’s is a school that offers opportunities to learners that I haven’t experienced ever before in any other school.

For me it is so special to be part of such wonderful Christian family where every child is treated as a unique individual

Vice – Principal
Mrs Cecile Jacobs