Preparatory School Grade R – 7

Full day  Programme

After careful consideration we decided to implement a full day programme as from January 2020.

With the full day programme we will have sufficient time to implement all activities.
Academic periods will take place in the mornings, homework periods will be made available after each subject & sufficient breaks will be made available for the pupils.
All sports, cultural and extra mural activities will take place after the academic programme.

Full supervision will be available in the afternoons, keeping the pupils in a safe environment.


Ortloff’s adheres to the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) of the Department of Education of South Africa.

We also incorporate Montessori inspired lessons within the CAPS, giving the children a wider variety of learning experience.

Chess lessons are also incorporated into the weekly time table, making it possible for all pupils to master the skilful game of chess.
Teaching the pupils skilful thinking, planning in advance and brain development.

As a private Christian school we strive to educate the pupils of The Word of God, teaching them Christian morals, making it easier for them to conquer any circumstances which may come over their paths as individuals.

Currently (2020) we have Grade R up to Grade 5, implementing a new grade each year, we will be implementing Grade 7 in 2022.

EDRO Robotics & Coding

January 2020 we implemented our first robotics and computer class. Robotics forms part of the learners’ daily program, and all grades have the opportunity to dive into this new technology.


Subjects & Extra Murals


English HL
Afrikaans FAL
Sepedi SAL
Life Science
Social Science & Technology
Robotics and Coding
Art & Choir


Our classrooms are all very spacious and visual as they are fitted with large sliding windows and a glass door, each classroom contains two toilets for the pupils with installed ventilation systems, making it more convenient not having to leave the classroom.

Grade R Classroom

Each classroom is equipped with an Interactive Board, professionally installed with a sound bar. These Interactive Boards make learning more visual, interactive and fun for the pupils. Also making it easier to gather different resources that accommodates the theme or lesson discussion.

CCTV cameras

Each class room has a camera installed for security reasons, as well as the play ground and passages.


Keeping in mind the constant water shortage/problems in the Mokopane area, we are blessed having a borehole. Keeping the toilets hygienic at all times.

Generator – ElectroSam

We are so blessed with our new generator that was generously donated by Sam Tshabalala. We completed the installation and we are now fully operational during power outages or load shedding.

We named our generator ElectroSam in his honour.

Rentokil Initial

We make use of Rentokil Initial’s service, who deep cleans all our toilets twice a year. They also supply all our classrooms, kitchens and toilets with soap, paper towels, room spray and bins each month.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we also installed Alcohol hand sanitizers in the classes and at all entrances for extra security.