Vision | Mission

Vision Statement

To create an environment of LOVE
To help children fall in love with JESUS
And to equip growing children with words of WISDOM.

To grow Ortloff’s into becoming a distinguished school of academic, sport and cultural excellence, where pupils will feel free to explore in fully equipped classrooms and various resources for further knowledge and experience, and receive an education by qualified and dedicated teachers. Being fully equipped to face the world of secondary education once completing Grade 7.

Mission Statement

  • To build your child’s character into someone who wants to work hard, and who knows how to push through tough times, because they understand the promises of God.
  • To teach your child that God has a unique plan with his / her life, and that they are here on earth to add value.
  • And last, but not the least, to teach your child to always have a thankful heart.

We commit ourselves to serve God and our pupils, by implementing quality education and incorporating Gospel values in a loving environment

We strive to nurture each child individually, allowing them to grow in totality, this being spiritually, intellectual, physical and emotional.


Ortloff’s help learners develop as unique and well-balanced children of God, stronger and without fear, because the Holy Spirit gives us LOVE, POWER and a SOUND MIND