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Bosveld Kunstefees


A few Grade R – 6 learners were selected to participated in the annual Bosveld Kunstefees under the following categories:
(Afrikaand FAL)
Formele Poësie & Prosa
Gedramatiseerde Poësie

These items were all in Afrikaans and our learners did an exceptional job at reciting their work!
We brought the following results back:
B+ 2
A 2
A+ 3
A++ 4
A+++ 5

ATKV Eisteddfod

On 31 August, 30 of our learners participated in the annual ATKV Eisteddfod, hosted by Merensky High School in Tzaneen.

All learners received 70+%. We brought home a 1st place and two 3rd places.

We are extremely proud of each and every learners for the courage and bravery they’ve shown throughout the past 2 week.
Standing in front of an audience and reciting a poem, can be stressful, however, they did it with confidence and excellence.

Spring Celebration

Celebrating spring is always a day to look forward to at Ortloff’s.
May this new season bring all things new and wonderful ! !

New Swimming Season


Our learners started the new swimming season by doing land orientation.
The purpose of these lessons are to strengthen their core muscles and perfecting body posture for each swim style.

Olympics 2021

Showing our support towards the 2021 Olympics, our teachers dressed as Olympians and competed against each other.
Thank you to our teachers for making school fun !

Art exhibition

In the midst of the seriousness of COVID and the buzzing academic timetable…Ortloff’s hosted an eye-catching, intriguing and most certainly fun Art Exhibition !

The Art Exhibition took place from 3-6 May during the evenings, where the learners had the opportunity to display their art work.

The theme of the Art Exhibition was Around the World

Each Grade represented a different country, and their art work reflected iconic landmarks/trades of the chosen country.

These evenings started off with a few performances from selected learners:
All learners – Ortloff’s Anthem
Sethabile Laka Gr1 – Poem Granny
Alba Mamba Gr2 – Poem Italie
Grade 3 boys – Kung Fu dance
Grade 4 girls – Hula dance
Loyd Ben Gr5 – Poem Atishoo
Tshegofatso Nyalungu & Ma’am Pheladi Ledwaba – Song Weekend Special
All learners – South African National Anthem

Our pilot of the evening, Ma’am Leoné, took the controls and traveled from country to country with our parents…

1-2 Year olds – India
2-3 Year olds – England
Grade RRR – Spain
Grade RR – Brazil
Grade R – France
Grade 1 – USA
Grade 2 – Italy
Grade 3 – Japan
Grade 4 – Hawaii
Grade 5 – South Africa
Grade 6 – Holland

Our school premises never looked this beautiful before, decorated in fairly lights and the colours of the World…accompanied by the main focus of the event, our learners’ art work.

This was definitely a week to remember…amidst the pandemic we were reminded by the laughter of the learners, the proud hearts of our parents and the satisfied smiles of our Ortloff’s team, that life has so much joy and love to offer, and that life itself is simply beautiful!

Thank you to Ma’am Patrys who added her special touch to the Art Exhibition, her imagination and creativity really showed through the learners’ art work.

Ortloff’s YouTube – Teachers tell all

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Ortloff’s #JerusalemaChallenge

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COVID19 Protocols for 2021

Read it here ↓
Letter – 8 January 2021

Kindergarten News

We are excited about a few changes made and changes still coming to the Kindergarten phase for 2021.

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ACSI Visit

Thank you Shaun Webber (ACSI Assistant Director : Southern Africa) for paying us a visit. We appreciate your words of wisdom and encouragement towards our School Management Team and Principal Lindie.

Principal Lindie was given a Certificate of Honour, for dedication, commitment and service in Christian Education by ACSI.