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Kindergarten Vacancy

Our Kindergarten is the heartbeat of our school and the starting point of every child’s schooling career. In our Kindergarten phase we believe in setting a good foundation by creating a loving and homey environment for our little ones. By doing this, we know that we win every child’s trust and build their confidence, which is an important goal to reach for each child.

With the above mentioned, we need teachers who sees our little ones as their own. After all we spend more time with our little ones during the day then they spend at home after school. We strive to make Ortloff’s a home away from home.

We also focus on reaching age specific milestones in order to prepare our little ones for their next phase of schooling, we therefor take a “hands-on” approach to academics and our teachers often get their hands dirty, but this is absolutely the most exciting way of learning.

If you see yourself becoming part of our Kindergarten phase, please click and view the vacancy below:

Closing date : 31 October 2020

Kindergarten Vacancy Gr.RRR – RR

Preparatory Vacancy

We are happy to announce that our Preparatory is growing and expanding each year, since we are still adding on new grades (Grade 6 2021 and Grade 7 2022). With this being said, we require more teachers to be able to expand our school.

Ortloff’s Preparatory school is unique, we follow a full day timetable for all learners Grade R – 5 (currently 2020) to be able to allow each child the opportunity to participate in our various activities we offer, this being Chess, Art, PE periods, Choir, Coding & Robotics, etc. this full day timetable also offers homework periods, ensuring that we keep our learners balanced and not overworked.

We need 4 enthusiastic and driven teachers to join our teaching team for the 2021 school year in the following grades:
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Intermediate Phase Teacher Gr.4-6 (Strictly male applicants)

If you see yourself becoming part of our Preparatory school, please click and view the vacancies below:

Closing date : 31 October 2020

Vacancy – Foundation phase 2021

Vacancy – Intermediate phase 2021